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My Cuz in a Commercial…U Go Girl !!!

http://www.ijreview.com/2014/10/189646-guy-set-political-world-ablaze-woman-breaking-obama-ad-back-agenda-gop/?fb_action_ids=10204216190597638&fb_action_types=og.shares Advertisements

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Am I a Libertarian? The Personal Reflective Series.

I have taken the online test that claims to tell you which political persuasion you belong to…I grew up in a Democrat home, both of my parents were registered Democrats, although I think my father used to vote Republican at … Continue reading

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Why Celebs although entertaining as heck should NOT twitter political “musings”

Our American celebs are so precious and entertaining especially on the “unplugged” twitterverse. After reading some of their “rants” and “opinions” on twitter, you wonder if they realize that probably 50% of their “fans” are not on the same page politically with them. I frankly gave up hollyweird “stars” and watching their movies on a regular basis a long time ago. This is how bad its gotten, I can’t even win the entertainment portion of trivial pursuit anymore. I used to ace them all…I lost interest in people who hate America, yet utilize all of its benefits for their twaddle and buffoonery… Continue reading

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