About Me: I’m a political Rabble-Rouser who is sarcastic, snarky as well as a Constitutional affection-ado…step into my kitchen, lets start cookin!!!

I’m a Christian, wife, mother, professional chef, writer, Constitutional Conservlatarian (more conserv than latarian :)).  I’m a self-professed political junky who has watched my country morph into something I don’t understand…NOR agree with. I am a work in progress as is this blog.

This is my journey to sound the alarm and help to restore our Great Republic back to what the  Founding Fathers and Framers envisioned. I believe in the Constitution of the United States as one nation UNDER GOD, indivisible with equal JUSTICE FOR ALL…social justice, not so much.

I commentate, and write opinion that is what I do. I share stories from various outlets and put my own comments on them. I will always strive to give proper credit and post original links to the person(s), organizations etc. who wrote any material I post that is not original.

I believe in free speech for all, even if I don’t happen to agree or enjoy your speech, I welcome the debate. However, I insist on intellectual honesty here…if you are of the leftists bent, I insist that you not beat around the bush about it. With that said, do not come here as a troll and expect to be welcomed.

Here on this page I am the Queen of all Things…I  firmly believe I am correct, my worldview is correct, my faith is correct.  With that said, I’m reasonable, I can agree to disagree with anyone agreeably. However, I will not pull any punches with anyone.  I use salty language, if that offends you, you are certainly free to move on to another blog, there are plenty of great ones out there to choose from.

I’m a political Rabble Rouser who is sarcastic, tends towards snark and also a Constitutional attorney hopeful…step into my kitchen, lets start cookin!!!


6 Responses to About Me: I’m a political Rabble-Rouser who is sarcastic, snarky as well as a Constitutional affection-ado…step into my kitchen, lets start cookin!!!

  1. Jim Z. says:

    Sounds like a stellar menu. I’ll take the table by the window please 🙂

    • Hi Jim Z and welcome I will apologize to not respond MUCH MUCH earlier…I enjoy the conversation of other points of view, what I DON’T enjoy is people who have no integrity or intellectual honesty, WHICH I find a LOT in other venues and blog formats…I am not averse to other points of view, as I said above I always think I’m right unless you present me with evidence that I’m not. Since I don’t put up with crap here as I have to in other venues be assured I will call anyone on dishonesty, blatant ideological rhetoric, vitrole and leftist/progressive bullcrap (which usually are all one and the same)…

  2. scase says:

    Love your blog! Very witty!

    • Thank you for the kind words. 🙂
      I have been to your blog and find that you are saying what I have been feeling lately as well. I appreciate your unapologetic writing of the truth of God.
      The day is getting late for those of us who believe in the truth of God to be putting it out there with love and respect for those who need to hear the truth and at the same time, bash one for speaking it out loud.

  3. Without reading much of your posts (so far only one), you are a breath of fresh air. I will keep breathing 😉

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