Political “Discussions”

Pet peeve, a facebook post that goes like this, “It’s all those right-wingnuts, that come up with (put your objection here).”  The person who won’t identify themselves with a label, but has no problem labeling someone else whom they disagree with, then goes on to say, “I don’t want to have a political/religious discussion.” That same person goes on to have a political/religious “discussion” with the person who they didn’t want to have said political/religious discussion with in the first place.

Help me here, please… my opinion is that when a person labels another person with a pejorative presumably it is to stop a political/religious discussion, when that “shaming” doesn’t work, they then move on to claiming that the person gets all their opinions from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity (add Conservative talkers here). When that doesn’t stop the unwanted political/religious discussion, then the person moves on to claims of “you’re dogmatic” or your “rhetoric belies your ignorance.”

What would be refreshing is to be able to have those much needed political/religious discussions and actually HAVE a well reasoned and honest discussion.  I have no problem self-identifying as a Conservlatarian, I have no issue with liberal/leftists (However, generally disagree with nearly all of their political views and stance on the issues.)

I know that I am not going to change their mind and they certainly are not going to change mine, but wouldn’t it be grand to just be able to have the discussion, and maybe each see the other side and perhaps come away with a better understanding of your political opponent?



About thepoliticalchef™

A Christian,a wife, mother, professional Chef,writer and political conservlatarian,and constitutional affection-ado. I'm an old fashioned principled and honorable rabble-rouser who tends towards snark and sarcasm...I'm a commentator who believes in non-violence in all things but will protect our Constitution, free-speech and liberties for all to partake in.
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