Reality is NOT Subjective

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America has become a pluralistic society, but it’s important that Christians understand that we don’t actually live in a pluralistic world. Truth and reality are really pretty solid. If you step over the parapet of a 20-story building, gravity will take over and you will die, regardless of what you might wish reality to be. If your gas tank is empty, social acceptance of your right to believe that it is full will not make your car run. Reality is just what it is and there’s no way to change that.

Truth and reality do not adapt to us; we must adapt to them. A four thousand year old tradition does not become truer with time. If it was false to begin with, it is simply a long-standing error. It might be popular, it might be widespread, it might even be adopted by the powerful and thus authoritative, but it…

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About KellyAnn Hicks-Digby

My hubster & I have been married for almost 35 yrs (seems like yesterday). We are empty-nesters with 2 handsome sons & 2 beautiful daughters-in-law. We also have a large adopted family that are very special to us! I am a not-so-perfect Christian-in-the-making, a wife, a mother, professional Chef, writer & paralegal. I went to college at 50 and graduated with my Bachelors degree 4 years later. We moved to S.C. 7 years ago and love our new home and the Southern culture and our friends and family. I love chocolate, cheesecake and putting a smile on folks & family's faces by creating special meals and sweet treats for them. My passion is to find the best darn chocolate and eat it all! Life cannot & should not exist without great chocolate! Life is short eat dessert first! Till next time ya'll!
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