“People with Something to Hide”: the IRS and Lois Lerner

This is just the latest scandal du jour…and a lesson on doin it Chicaga style. Or is that Copone style…I forget…

Two Heads are Better Than One

Hey, remember this?

Yes indeed: words spoken by none other than Barack Obama himself. Of course, that was back in 2010 when he was discussing Campaign Finance Reform, a concern which almost sounds quaint in comparison to the Scandal carousel this White House has since become.

Just the same, keep that quote in mind as you watch the following about our ol’ buddy, Lois “I-have-nothing-to-hide-so-I’m-Pleading-the-Fifth” Lerner from the IRS:

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3 Responses to “People with Something to Hide”: the IRS and Lois Lerner

  1. Thanks much for the reblog!!

    Honestly, this “we lost her emails” crap has me so mad, I can’t see straight.

    • Well unfortunately, not only do they believe wholeheartedly that we’re stupid, they also believe that if they repeat the lie loud enough and long enough it becomes truth, they also know that they are “safe” from any taxpayer backlash, the same taxpayers that they have such overt disdain for. No one will ever be held accountable for this or any of the other outrageous things that have gone on.

      • Disdain is exactly right. Or contempt. Whichever.

        I’m against tarring-&-feathering as a general rule, …..but I just might make an exception for this bunch.

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