When Beliefs are Non-Falsifiable and Infallible

LOVE THIS “Because liberalism is a persistent vegetative state” and AMEN brother to that…however low info voters are also in a persistent vegetative state that rivals those who adhere to the idiotic twaddle termed “liberalism.”

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Dealing as I do in the fetid fever swamp of politics, I often confront ideologues, people who are absolutely convinced of the supremacy and rightness of their position, no matter what.  My favorite Bookworm recently wrote an informative articleon this very subject, via the gun control debate.  If you’ve not read her work, it’s surely worth your time, particularly so because while she still lives in California–Marin particularly–she is a recovering Progressive (she’s recovering nicely, thank you).

My former Confederate Yankee co-blogger, Bob Owens, incorporated this observation into the CY masthead:

Because liberalism is a persistent vegetative state.

I’m sure Bob had fun with that aphorism, which was at least partially tongue-in-cheek, and the occasional heated comment from those in persistent vegetative states proved the point.

Bookworm’s article chronicles her conversation with a Progressive who believes government should have the constitutional power to determine who shall be allowed to…

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  1. Dear politicalchef:

    Thanks, too, for this reblog!

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