My Headine “God’s Exquisite Sense of Humor” or God Rules Psuedo Scientists Drool


STUCK-FAST in an ice pack that is not supposed to exist according to the “folks” aboard the global warmists ship will NOW be “rescued” from the ice pack that is not really there (according to the “folks”) by we the American tax-payers…nice…


Global warming scientists forced to admit defeat…because of too much ice: Stranded Antarctic ship’s crew will be rescued by helicopter

Chris Turney, a climate scientist and leader of the expedition, was going to document ‘environmental changes’ at the pole.   In an interview he said he expected melting ice to play a part in expeditionMV Akademik Schokalskiy still stuck among thick ice sheet 1,500 nautical miles south of Hobart, the Tasmanian capital.  Called for help at 5am Christmas morning after becoming submerged in ice…Australia’s back-up ship, Aurora Australis could not break through.

By Mia De Graaf and Hayley O’keeffe  PUBLISHED: 08:19 EST, 30 December 2013 | UPDATED: 14:42 EST, 30 December 2013


UPDATE: 'Global warming' scientists forced to admit defeat -- because of too much ice...

‘Blizzard conditions’…

How precious right?

This was on Drudge today and I chuckled…nay, I laughed out loud. You see, I see this as proof positive that God not only exists, He did a mimed face plant over this little ditty.He did a full bore SMACK MY HEAD…and shook His head for all it was worth at their foolishness…He does that, yes He does…and it is a beautiful thing, because He not only is God, but He has a wonderful sense of humor.

Pseudo scientists who call themselves Global warming advoca…er…Climate Chang….er…what do they call themselves now? Oh yeah…STUCK…in the ICE…that they said was rapidly disappearing…Bwhahahhahahahahaaa…let’s hear it,  all together now…this is just proof positive not of God’s existence or that they are full of snowflakes (yes, I’m being nice…I know right?).  No. What we will hear shortly from the chattering class who are (snort) so much more smarter than you and I are; is that THIS is proof that Santa does exis….uhmmm…wait…Oh sorry, I guess mixed the crap-pot pseudo scientists for the M&M dudes in commercial…well in my defense they are round and colorful…No really, what they will tell every sheeple that will listen is that their being stuck in the ice (that apparently doesn’t exist in their dimension, kinda reminds me of the now defunct show Fringe which WOULD splain a lot really)..anyhoo what they will convince all the sheeple is that ALL the apparently fictional ice is because there IS Global warmin…er…Climate Change. You see how that works…no…what really? You DON’T see how that works…well you are just one of those nutso, nuts that are nuts nut…a wingnut, a crackerpantz that, John Mccain Meggie McCain,  Dinghy Harry Reid and Fanzy Nanzy P., are always talking about.


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