Am I a Libertarian? The Personal Reflective Series.


I have taken the online test that claims to tell you which political persuasion you belong to…I grew up in a Democrat home, both of my parents were registered Democrats, although I think my father used to vote Republican at times, just to piss off my mother (that is an untested theory, just conjecture on my part).

My dad was a union-guy through and through, my mom was a democratic activists, she boycotted grapes once in support of Caesar Chavez (a communist).  She was a mass of contradictions though…she didn’t agree with abortion (nor did my father for that matter), she was a Congregationalist/Methodist, she was a pseudo feminist, however, she married my father instead of pursuing a career in nursing (her dream) or pursing a later-in-life dream career in library science (I think I just made that term up).  Growing up I can remember her talking about her dream to become a librarian because she LOVED books and reading.  She raised five children and although there were times I think and felt that she wished she was anywhere but there. Although it was undeniable that she loved us in her own flaky kinda way.

I didn’t vote until I was almost twenty-five, and only then because a friend challenged me on my political beliefs and perceptions. At twenty-five I realized through several conversations with said friend and some real investigation and soul-searching that I was a Conservative. At that time because the GOP offered me a better fit than the Democratic Party, I became a registered Republican, much to the chagrin of the rest of my family. That was the second moralistic blow to Imagethem, I had become a Christian at the age of nineteen.  In all fairness it bothered my feminist-socialist sister more than my folks.

In fact my Dad would wake me up in the middle of the night when he got home from work (and closing down the bar) to talk theology. We all KNOW that all the most deep meaningful theological discussions and breakthroughs happen when you’re 1). drunk as a skunk, 2). in the middle of the night, or 3). awakened from a REM state sleep…just sayin…

It wasn’t until the Republican Party left me that I started to look at the possibility that perhaps I was no longer a Republican, perhaps I was something else…I knew I was not a leftists, I knew I was a Conservative, but what did that really mean? I knew that I disagreed with almost every position the Republican party was espousing, since W was in office. I hated the Iraq war, I hated the interventionism that was taking place around the globe, I hated the almost daily intrusion into my daily life by the Lords & Ladies in DC. I didn’t think the United States should be acting like the world’s police force, and I CERTAINLY didn’t like the federal government telling the state governments what they needed to do. The federal government was no longer functioning and the Republicans in Washington and stateside, didn’t seem to A. Notice or B. give a rat’s ass…

Then I read George Washington’s Farewell Address, it was a revelatory experience for me, George Washington’s Farewell Address is many things; the least of which is a cautionary tale of the two-party political system we know find our Republic subject to. We the People have found ourselves locked into battle with a true political leviathan that is sapping our ability to continue our great Republic the way the Framer’s envisioned it. Not only does Washington’s Farewell Address caution against the destructive two-party system, it also is instructive as to how to run domestic and foreign policy.  Has no one in the government read it or…the larger question is WHY is it not being read to our children in our public screwals?

George Washington’s Farewell address is instructive in so very many ways that I am curious as to why I was not introduced to it before my 55th birthday?  Somewhere around my 55th birthday I was required to not only READ that document, but analyze it for a grade, in college (yes folks, I became a co-ed at 50 :)).  I will encourage everyone who hasn’t read it to not only go now and read it but recommend it to your children, grandchildren and any teacher whose mind has not been rotted by leftism and unionism.

I haven’t yet answered the question of “Am I a Libertarian” yet ( I know right?) and that is going to have to wait for the next installment of “The Personal Reflective Series.” My husband supper Stewp (a cross between soup and stew) is screaming for my attention…



About KellyAnn Hicks-Digby

My hubster & I have been married for almost 35 yrs (seems like yesterday). We are empty-nesters with 2 handsome sons & 2 beautiful daughters-in-law. We also have a large adopted family that are very special to us! I am a not-so-perfect Christian-in-the-making, a wife, a mother, professional Chef, writer & paralegal. I went to college at 50 and graduated with my Bachelors degree 4 years later. We moved to S.C. 7 years ago and love our new home and the Southern culture and our friends and family. I love chocolate, cheesecake and putting a smile on folks & family's faces by creating special meals and sweet treats for them. My passion is to find the best darn chocolate and eat it all! Life cannot & should not exist without great chocolate! Life is short eat dessert first! Till next time ya'll!
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