LOL…there is ample proof that lefist’s are one fry shy of a happy meal, or as my southern friends say “there elevator don’t go plumb up” But it is undeniable that they are by and large naive AND useful idiots or willful idiots take your pick they all work for me…

That Mr. G Guy's Blog

My good friend Bob Belvedere over at TCOTS gives Smitty of TOM the QotD;

Lefties are evil until proven useful idiots.

He then goes on in detail to explain why leftists are the way they are;

In order for people like Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Hitler, Allende, Obama, etc. to achieve power, they need to con other Leftists and the ignorant into believing their aims are true and pure — they need ignorant people who they can use [and abuse].

These marks are not deep thinkers or particularly reflective men and women. They have come to their soft Leftism through a self-imposed habit of letting their sentimental feelings overwhelm any Right Reason they possess. They are ripe for appeals that strike deeply in their emotions. And, when someone succeeds in penetrating their feelings, these marks, lacking as they do a solid, unshakeable belief in God, begin to see that person…

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