Food Deserts and Obesity Role Challenged –

Well, huh, no link between fat kids and ‘food deserts’…who knew? Conservatives who aren’t gullible or food nazi’s would be my guess…

…[Dr. Lee] used census tracts to define neighborhoods because they tend to have economically homogeneous populations. Poor neighborhoods, Dr. Lee found, had nearly twice as many fast food restaurants and convenience stores as wealthier ones, and they had more than three times as many corner stores per square mile. But they also had nearly twice as many supermarkets and large-scale grocers per square mile.

Dr. Sturm’s study, published in February in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, had a different design. …[H]e used data on the self-reported heights, weights, and diets of more than 13,000 California children and teenagers in the California Health Interview Survey…..He used a different data set to see what food outlets were nearby. Dr. Sturm found no relationship between what type of food students said they ate, what they weighed, and the type of food within a mile and a half of their homes.

He has also completed a national study of middle school students, with the same result — no consistent relationship between what the students ate and the type of food nearby. Living close to supermarkets or grocers did not make students thin and living close to fast food outlets did not make them fat….

Huh, who knew that living close by to fresh produce by osmosis didn’t make you skinny…I grew up on a farm, where we GREW our own veggies and I worked in the field and I was a chubby kid. I had very little processed food and was still fat…

It is unclear how the idea took hold that poor urban neighborhoods were food deserts but it had immediate appeal.

It’s called propaganda…and lying…or stretching the truth…it had “immediate appeal” because it was their narrative, a “lets manufacture a problem that Michelle Antoinette can ‘solve.”

“But, Dr. Lee said, studies lending support to the idea tended to be limited by methodological difficulties.”

via Food Deserts and Obesity Role Challenged –  Byline Published: April 17, 2012


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