Biden: Al Franken ‘leading legal scholar’ | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Biden: Al Franken ‘leading legal scholar’ | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examinerauthor Joel Gehrke Commentary Staff Writer, Examiner. April 11, 2012 4:49 pm.

So VP “say it ain’t so” buffoon Joe, (who is an attorney…no really for reals), presumably using his juris prudence degree, declares that one of the only bona fide comedians in congress (and who was never particularly funny)… is a “leading legal scholar”? Seriously? Really? Pray tell, tell me more Joe…Explain to me how a non-attorney is a “legal scholar”, how does that work exactly? Especially when  “The WH Carney”  told us, that most people who aren’t attorneys (like the WH head dude) just don’t understand legal talk…we’re just not bright enough you know, because “he” is the smahtest man on the planet and is just too smaht to do anything else, but be a tin horn dictator or so his supporters tell us ad nauseum.

So now our leading legal scholars are comedians?  How comforting. That will make both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert feel ever so much more superior than we pee-ons and presumably they’ll be much more valuable thus enabling them to ask for more money (ain’t capitalism and the free-market cool?), and according to our illustrious VP because they’re comedians AND on TV, they MUST be leading legal scholars too. Never mind neither, they nor Frankel has ever BEEN to law school and their only real claim to fame are laughs they get from other people who write their material FOR them; but hey, if Say it ain’t so buffoon Joes declares it so, then it must be so…Almost every attorney in the United States should be pissed…every true legal scholar should be pissed as should every Constitutional scholar…I’m frankly surprised someone who does not understand the Constitution (Frankel) and quite possibly has never read it,  could be a “legal scholar” let alone a “leading legal scholar”…but then leftists are known to just say shit and expect us all to just believe it simply because they say it, no matter that their noses grow longer every time they open their idiot fool mouths…*mental eye-roll*

What morons…


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