Michigan GOP Controversy – Where Are The Delegates? » Political Realities

This comes thanks to LD Jackson at Political Realities. Please take the time to go over and read the entire post.

Michigan GOP Controversy – Where Are The Delegates? » Political Realities.

TPC: This RIGHT here is the reason I get so angry and disgusted with politicians and the RNC or even the DNC…tell me again how you can free and unfettered elections when we have people pulling shenanigans “at the top”? Get both organizations OUT of elections…PERIOD…they are two of THE most corrupting influences on our political process today and frankly they are part of the larger problem we have with elections and election result…and yes, I’m a registered Republican…what? you want to know why? Glad to oblige…because both the RNC and DNC have made it nearly impossible for an independent to have a real say in an election…in most states I have lived in, in order to vote in a primary you HAD to be a registered voter…here is the WONKY part…in my current state, in the general election  primaries you can cross party lines…so in a year like this one with an incumbent running for office, democrats can cross party lines and influence the election at the primary level…Independents in most states are conveniently locked out of the primary process. So, being an Independent means that the two party voters case can choose your candidate for you.  So unless you’re registered one or the other (R or D) you have been effectively disenfranchised in the primary and you get to pick the lesser of two evils come general election day…That sucks…Our system is broken due to unfair influence by two groups hell bent on power for themselves, NOT the people of this country…


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3 Responses to Michigan GOP Controversy – Where Are The Delegates? » Political Realities

  1. LD Jackson says:

    Thanks for linking to my post. It is truly shameful how much of a lock the national parties have on the process. The rights of the individual voter have been greatly diminished.

  2. The political elites have been running this country for a long time and they have no plans to allow the people to have any real voice in how our government is run.

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