GunGate: Operation GunRunner / Fast & Furious / GunWalker / Castaway – CONTINUOUS ROUND-UP « Si Vis Pacem

For a time line and the latest news on F&F go here to Si Vis Pacem…

GunGate: Operation GunRunner / Fast & Furious / GunWalker / Castaway – CONTINUOUS ROUND-UP « Si Vis Pacem.

And Here for Maggie’s latest blog on the story.

This story continues to perplex me, I wonder how in the world Americans look at this situation unfolding and added to the DOJ policy of not pursuing any cases that involve blacks in civil rights violations i.e the Black Panthers voter intimidation case…and don’t see a double standard? This is the epitome of  “social justice” unfortunately our Constitution calls for “EQUAL justice” and for a group of public officials to be so inept at following the RULE OF LAW…(I find that in and of itself ironic since this IS the Depart. of JUSTICE…this too is an example of civil rights run amok…when a “protected class” means special treatment  to the detriment of others. I guess we are in Animal Farm where some people are more equal than others…What message does that send to groups like the Black Panthers? The message it sends is like their advocates at the DOJ they are above the law…that because they have the ear of the powerful they are above the law…

Let me ask another question while I’m at it…where are the calls of foul from the amnesiac democrats? Those paragons of virtue and “fairness”? Had this been a Republican AG, they would have hysterical with the maim stream media singing the chorus…People wonder why Americans have had it with DC, government and all the posers and players who go there to pillage the American public? All we ask is that the famous “level playing field” is extended to ALL people especially those in the government…this is political thuggery at its best and I don’t mean Issa…I say keep the pressure on Mr. Issa and don’t let up…America has the RIGHT to know and you have the responsibility by virtue of your office to get to the bottom of this travesty and tragedy…


H/T Maggie’s Notebook…this will become a permanent go to for info on F&F…


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