Krugman is carrying water for the marxist/socialist/intelligentsia elite contingency in this country…not to mention that he is an arrogant SOB and he himself is an egotistical intelligentsia “enlightened” elitist moron. The problem with Krugman et al is that they look at we bible-thumping gun loving “hillbillies” as being totally devoid of any intelligence, therefore the enlightened contingency MUST according to their faith and belief in rationalism religion to lead us around and make rules, laws and regs that “protect us from ourselves” because we ‘unenlightened” (re: don’t agree with them) are too stupid to make those decision for ourselves AND of course they are correct in ALL of their beliefs and pronouncements because of their “enightened state”-so much so-that they can FORCE us to listen and of course believe in what THEY beleive in simply because we are too stupid to think for ourselves-of course they don’t see it as coercion, they see it as “helping us” in a marxist kind of way…and all of that is ALL ok under their rationalism…stupid people must be herded and coerced into “correct” thinking…
Here is the bottom line for me…this group and their comrades are pilfering the treasury…plain and simple…they are walking away with billions perhaps TRILLIONS of our money for their greed and arrogance…I am not bashing capitalism…I’m saying their goal is to enrich themselves (all the time railing against greed) and bankrupt us- the American people-via Congress, all Federal agencies and the Fed…I have heard that there is in reality 15% inflation and each and everyone of us feels it, sees it and is experiencing it…tell me where is all the hysterical desecrates in Congress demanding to have hearings on high gas prices and hauling every oil executive before their kangaroo courts? But NO one is talking about REAL inflation…we are feeling and experiencing because they need to convince the lemmings to re-elect their chosen one….people can see and feel it but refuse to accept it…mass delusion…*CHIRP*CHIRP*CHIRP*** is what you hear and will continue to hear because this does not fit their narrative…OR we will just continue to hear its all Bush’s fault or GOP policies from the last 8 years…here is the stupid part…lemmings will beleive it…TPC

Asylum Watch

Mr. Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve,  has told us  many times that inflation is under control. Yet, we on Main Street don’t see it that way, do we? The Fed’s target for inflation is 2% and even their manipulated calculations put inflation at 3%. I guess missing their target by 50% is Fed speak for under control.

Paul Krugman, the Nobel Laureate Keynesian economist and columnist for the New York Times likes to make fun of Austrian economist. You see, Austrian economist believe that government stimulus will invariably lead to inflation. Krugman points to all the stimulus we have had and asks the Austrian economist  to show him the inflation.

Earlier this month I made a post in which I claimed that the EU was bankrupt and so was the US.  Also, in this post I made a wish. I wished an expert economist would come by and answer a…

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