Exclusive: State Department quietly warning region on Syrian WMDs | The Cable

Exclusive: State Department quietly warning region on Syrian WMDs | The Cable.

Huh, lets jump into the wayback machine…back to the start of the Iraq war and WMD’s…Does ANYONE else remember WHERE those “nonexistent(according to the desecrates)” weapons went? That’s right folks…ding…ding…ding, you win the prize…they are said to have been transported to Syria…now said WMD’s are actually FOUND or “suspected” to be in Syria…either this is a case of “hey let’s cry  ‘wolf’ again,” OR they are actually there and were transported there from Iraq…each one is plausible and with this group of nasty, actors…I wouldn’t put the former past them…TCP


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2 Responses to Exclusive: State Department quietly warning region on Syrian WMDs | The Cable

  1. Let’s see. We have WMDs in Syria and nukes in Iran and we were behind the Arab Spring. Can anyone be surprised that our foreign policy will keep us in perpetual war.

    • CF…you got that correct…and where is the maim stream media on this? *Chirp*Chirp*chirp*…where are all the cries of Bummer lied and people died? Sheesh…a little intellectual honesty would be appreciated here. We a group of people who were perpetual mortification during the Bush administration because of the policies and now with the very SAME policies only MORE talking and that bang of job of diplomacy re:appeasement…well looky here, we got us a sitch-ee-ation…surprise, surprise, surprise…

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